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Christ Character Community

Uniform Policy

It is imperative that students adhere to the school’s dress code. Uniforms are required to be worn by all students.

Uniform bottoms, i.e. shorts, pants, skirts, and skorts must be solid navy or khaki and may be purchased at a store of your choice. Girls may also wear navy, khaki or the #1 plaid (from Ibiley Uniforms) dresses, jumpers, skirts and skorts. You may purchase #1 plaid items at www.Ibiley.com. The best way to gauge proper attire is to lean toward purchasing the French Toast or Dickies brand. Denim jeans are not acceptable on uniform days. Parkway Christian School polo shirts (available in red, green, navy, and white) with the school logo must be purchased through the school and are to be worn daily with appropriate uniform bottoms, except on PE days and specially designated dress down days. Boys and girls must wear belts, if belt loops are present, and keep their shirts tucked in at all times. Girls’ skirt length should be no shorter than two inches above the knee and shorts should be bermuda style in length. Students may not wear sandals or slip-ons of any kind and must wear closed shoes. 

On PE days, students must wear the PE grade appropriate uniform purchased from Parkway. Socks need to be worn with athletic sneakers. 

Jackets, sweatshirts, or sweatpants, other than those purchased from Parkway, may not have any graphics, writing, stripes or designs and must be a solid navy or gray. Coats/jackets and hats, when necessary, may be worn when students are outside of the school building only. Long sleeve T shirts under the school polo shirt or P.E. shirt may be worn but must be solid red, white, navy or green and may not have any graphics, writing, stripes or designs. Leggings may be worn under dresses, skirts or shorts and must be solid navy, gray, or white and may not have any graphics, writing, stripes or designs. We recommend choosing to dress on the conservative side in order to avoid infractions. Uniform infractions are issued to students not following the PCS uniform code. Elementary parents will be notified of uniform infractions, including repeated un-tucked shirts. Students will receive a $25 administrative detention on every fourth uniform infraction in a quarter.

“Spirit Day” or any “dress down day” (out of uniform) attire must be on the conservative side. The following items are not allowed at any time: open shoes, sandals, slippers or slip-ons of any kind, girls’ skirt length no shorter than two inches above the knee, spaghetti strap tops, ‘short’ shorts, overly tight clothing, writing/words/graphics on the backside of bottoms, clothing items with tears/rips/holes, bandannas, or any head dress or hats, unless specifically stated for any special occasions, while inside. Administration reserves to right to determine if items of clothing are inappropriate. Parents may be asked to bring appropriate clothing when necessary.