The Cost of Quality Education

Tuition & Fees

New Students

Tuition Rates

Elementary & Middle School Tuition Rates for the 2021-2022 School Year:

  • Annual Enrollment Fee (Per students)-$775.00
  • One Time Application Fee (New Students)-$200
  • Annual Capital Fee (Per Family)-$850

Do you offer any discounts?

Elementary & Middle School Discounts:

  • Loyalty Discount: Families enrolled at Parkway Schools for the 2019/2020 school year & have maintained continued enrollment
    • Elementary Students (K - 5th) receive a $370 annual tuition credit per student
    • Middle School Students (6th - 8th) receive a $520 annual tuition credit per student
  • Sibling Discount: Applicable to the younger students (includes siblings at the Preschool excluding the VPK program)
    • 2nd child receives a 15% tuition discount
    • 3rd child and additional receive a 50% tuition discount
  • Parkway Christian Church Members: Receive a 10% tuition discount
    • Must be a registered and participating member of Parkway Christian Church. Parkway Christian Church members must be active in church ministries and make regular contributions. Attendance and contributions are reviewed quarterly.
  • Active Duty Military Personnel: Receive a 10% tuition discount
    • Must provide proof of active status.
  • Pastor Discount: Active pastors receive a 10% tuition discount
    • Must provide proof of active status.
Preschool Discounts:
  • 15% Discount for Siblings
  • 10% Discount for Church Members
  • 10% Military Discount (MUST be active)
  • 3% Discount for Full Pre-paid Tuition (Discounts NOT applicable with VPK certificate)

Are there any additional fees?

Elementary & Middle School: Additional Fees:

  • Eighth Grade Graduation Fee: $250.00 (Includes 1 yearbook and Spanish field trip final)
  • Major Field Trips - Costs are approximate
    • Fourth grade-St. Augustine field trip: $800
    • Fifth grade-TBA
    • Sixth grade-Dude Ranch trip: $600
    • Seventh grade-TBA
    • Eighth grade-Boston or D.C trip: $1,500
Other Expenses:
  • Uniforms- All grades (costs vary)
  • School supplies (costs vary)
  • Minor field trips-all grades (costs vary)
  • Before/After Care: $7.50 per hour & $3.75 per 1/2 hour

Application Fee

$200 due with online application (non-refundable) *The Preschool does not have an application fee

Enrollment Fee

Elementary & Middle School: $775* per student

  • Kindergarten Preparatory enrollment fee due with application
  • Kindergarten – Eighth Grades $775 enrollment fee due after acceptance upon enrollment
*Enrollment fee includes: recurring academic expenses for textbooks, classroom materials, student resources, standardized testing, science lab materials, technology, and class t-shirts. This fee is due upon acceptance and re-enrollment. The Preschool Enrollement Fees:
2 Day Class: $265 3 Day Class: $275 5 Day Class: $290 *Enrollment fees are paid at time of registration and cover the cost of materials, supplies, one set of headphones for computer class, one school T-shirt, & the FACTS Enrollment Fee.

Need Assistance?


Financial Aid

Parkway also accepts a limited number of seats per school year of the McKay Scholarship ( or ( and Step-up Scholarship ( Seats are assigned on
a first-come, first served basis based upon acceptance for admission and completed enrollment. Please visit their websites for more information or to apply.

Parkway Christian School Step-up Scholarship does not include (PLSA) Gardiner.



In Loving Memory of Terri Coolidge

The Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund

Terri Coolidge, the loving mother of Skip and Savannah, thought of Parkway Christian School as part of her family. Terri enjoyed the time she spent at the school and considered Parkway her family’s second home. The sudden loss of Terri last year was devastating news to our families. The healing process of Terri’s loss has only begun. Through our healing, Parkway Christian School has created The Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is for current Parkway students’ families who have lost a parent. In addition to their terrible loss, these families may be faced with the unexpected financial responsibility of private school tuition on one parent’s income and may be looking at the possibility of additional loss by losing their home at Parkway just when they most need the love and support of their

Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund

Parkway Family. This scholarship fund honors the memory of Terri Coolidge and her family. She was a kind, generous, and devoted mother committed to her children’s education.

As a close-knit community, we know there is always someone in need of a prayer, a hug, or a helping hand. If you would like to contribute to the Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund, to help members of our Parkway community, you can do so by making an online donation or mailing your donation:


  • To make an online donation, please follow this link: Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund

  • You can also mail your donation to: Parkway Christian Church, 1200 S. Flamingo Rd., Davie, FL  33325.  In the memo please write “Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund”.  


Your gift goes directly to help students and their families in their time of need and loss. Your gift will allow families the financial security to keep their child(ren) at Parkway Christian School.


If you are a Parkway Christian School family that is facing this difficult time due to the death of a parent, you are not alone in our community; please reach out to us.

If you would like to make a donation to the Terri Coolidge Scholarship, please feel free to use the link below. 

Sally Walker Scholarship


 In 2004, when Sally Walker retired, several parents of Parkway Christian School established a scholarship system for use in emergency situations for the students of our Preschool and Elementary Schools.  The fund has been used many times over the years. The PTOs of both the Preschool and Elementary Schools both contribute to the fund. 

Purpose and Policy: 

The purpose and Board policy of the Sally Walker Scholarship Fund is to provide limited emergency financial assistance to parents of Parkway Christian Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School families. Emergency conditions would encompass family illness, death, loss of employment or other situations that cause undue hardship on the family. All applications must be accompanied by a letter stating the needs of the family and why the applicant should be considered. The fund may not be applied to any fees including, but not limited to, the annual capital fee.

 The fund will be limited to provide no more than $1000 per year per family.

 While it is not required to repay the funds, individuals who use the funds should be informed, if possible, they repay the funds for future use or to give back through volunteer hours.

 The fund shall not be used in situations of domestic disputes where there are differences and conflict between parents.



  1. Upon receiving a request for use of the Fund, the Principal shall have the parent fill out the appropriate form and submit the request to the Scholarship Sub Committee of the School Board.

  2. The Sub Committee consisting of the Chairperson of the School Board, the Principal, and a representative of a parent group (PTO) shall meet or confer within 3 days to decide the merits of the request.

  3. The decision shall be relayed by the Principal in writing to the parent, and the Chair of the Board shall report the decision to the full board at the next meeting.

If you would like to make a donation to our Enhancement Program, use the donation button below.