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Middle School Tribe

A community of teachers and students whose main purpose is to encourage one another while creating positive social relationships. The MS Tribe is a new initiative to build relationships between middle school students, teachers, and staff members. Through weekly gatherings, all members build relationships through devotionals, icebreakers, community outreach, and more.

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum includes more high level reading comprehension, such as fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, essay writing, and command of the English language.


Our math curriculum offers two areas of study. For students who are ready to take on a more challenging math program, we offer a high school Algebra class for middle school students. Our Regular Math Program: Math computations and concepts are taught using an integrated approach. Students in 6th grade begin with Course 2 and move on to Course 3. 8th grade students learning middle school algebra which combines prealgebra and algebra together to give students strong algebraic foundation for high school math. Mastery of basic math concepts as well as higher level thinking are emphasized in each class. For Eligible 8th Grade Students: We have established our criteria for eighth grade students to earn a high school credit. This criterion meets the standards for both public and private high schools. Students who are going to public high school are still required to take and pass the Algebra I EOC which is a state requirement. Please contact Mrs. Lucas for specific qualifications.


Life science in 6th grade, earth science in 7th grade, and physical science in 8th grade, plant seeds of questioning, observation, and investigation in the students. "Hands on" lab work and engaging classroom activities broaden their learning.

Social Studies

Lessons learned in World History, Civics, and American History help engage the students in making a difference in our country and the world today. Each class works on projects both individually and collaboratively. They are motivated to use their technology and public speaking skills to enhance and present findings.


6th Grade: • Life Skills • P.E. • Spanish • Technology • Theology 7th Grade: • Art • P.E. • Spanish • Technology • Theology 8th Grade: • High School Prep/Career Development • P.E. • Research Methods • Spanish* (High school credit for eligible student; Please contact Mrs. Lucas for more.) • Technology • Theology


• Art Appreciation (Project-based) - Students will be exploring different artists and the different art styles, while using various mediums. Students will then make their own art projects representing each art style they learn about.

• Broadcast Journalism – Students will write, record, and edit weekly video announcements, and other special assignments. Students will learn to produce, record, and edit closed circuit television. In addition, students will experience group projects that allow them to work with filming, editing, and producing various videos for projects and/or school programs.

• Home Economics- Students will learn skills on how to live in the modern world through hands on activities such as cooking skills including healthy eating and grocery shopping, sewing and gardening, etc. Students work cooperatively and individually to learn various beneficial skills. Students also help with school events by adding a special touch.

• Photography and Yearbook - This class will teach you how the art of photography can tell your story. You will learn about the different parts of photography and photojournalism. You will be a part of creating the middle school section of the yearbook. You will have an opportunity to vote for the yearbook cover, create pages, and be a yearbook photojournalist. You will have photo assignments and yearbook page assignments. The end result is your mark on the yearbook. Come and let's create memories together!

• SLAM (Strategy, Logic and More) – This hands on class will allow students to use their love of science and problem solving to explore and learn. Students will have an opportunity to “think outside the box” with differing scenarios and the use of strategy-related games (not computer games). Students will explore project based inquiries with science experiments, puzzles, robotics, card games, and board games.

• Stage Performance - This is your chance to shine like a star on Broadway. In this elective, you will be able to use your creativity and talents to express yourself through singing, dancing, acting, and more! Because we will be working towards our annual spring show, after school rehearsals are required in this class. Come, join the excitement! Visit our page.

• Student Government – Students will participate in activities to enhance the student life experience at Parkway Christian School. Students will explore various aspects of leadership and service. They will help share students' ideas and interests. Students will organize fundraisers for school-wide activities including student events, community service projects, as well as items to help the school. Students that are in this class are the ONLY students allowed to run for office.

Program Overview

Parkway Christian School’s Middle School program strives to provide the highest level of education to ensure that each one of our students reaches their optimum potential. Our educators provide a plethora of learning experiences that go far beyond the textbook. These experiences include differentiated instruction, activities that appeal to all the multiple intelligences, and scenarios that will prepare them for real life situations. Parkway Christian’s philosophy is to guide and educate the “whole child”. Parkway uses a modified block schedule for the four core classes with two meeting every other day for an hour and twenty minutes and 45 minute classes for elective and non-core classes meeting every other day.


"For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul."

Proverbs 2:10