Student Organizations

Student organizations at Parkway Christian School play an integral part of the educational process. These opportunities are the perfect complement to the classroom, not because students learn how to become more proficient in certain subjects or activities, but because they learn how to become productive people in society. Valuable lessons in applied Christian ethics, morals and values, and leadership are learned in activities outside the classroom. Under the guidance of teachers, students gain a personal awareness of honesty and integrity with themselves and others.


Leading & Serving

Middle School Student Government

Students participate in activities to enhance the student life experience at Parkway Christian School. Students that are in this class run for office, provide service to teachers and staff, fundraise and provide school spirit opportunities for fellow students.

National Junior Honor Society

PCS participates in the National Junior Honor Society, a national organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. PCS middle school students become eligible for membership in the Panther Chapter of NJHS after the second semester of their 6th and 7th grade years by demonstrating excellence in the areas of service, scholarship, (GPA of 3.6 in core classes and Spanish), leadership, and citizenship. Once inducted, members are expected to maintain a 3.6 GPA in their core and Spanish classes, attend meetings, participate in various service projects throughout the year, including a minimum of 6 hours of service with one organization, and continue to show and grow in excellence. NJHS members are required to pay annual membership dues.

Safety Patrol

AAA School Safety Patrols benefit students, schools, and communities. Students gain safety awareness, leadership, teamwork, pride, citizenship and respect for law enforcement. Schools benefit from opportunities to promote traffic safety awareness, peer-to-peer education, character-building opportunities, a constructive outlet for students’ energy and a positive relationship with parents, law enforcement, and the overall community. Communities benefit from safer environments for pedestrians and motorists, a spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness, as well as, a positive collaboration with law enforcement.

Elementary Student Council

Students learn leadership and service through coordinating and and participating in various activities. Activities include volunteering, fundraising and service.

Community Service

Giving back and volunteering is a big part of being a PCS student. Parkway Christian School students gain an understanding of the importance of service leadership through various programs and activities. Most activities are coordinated by students and parents after seeing a need within the community. The following highlight some of the ways our students have reached out to their local community and the world: •Character Trait Education and Recognition •Seafarer’s House •Middle School Student Government •Jump Rope for Heart •National Junior Honor Society •Fire Safety Awareness •Elementary Student Council •Shamrocks for Muscular Dystrophy •Panther Cub Mentoring •Student of the Month (Town of Davie) •Safety Patrol •Monthly Spirit Days (monies collected go to various charities, i.e. Ronald McDonald House, JDRF, Haiti Outreach and many more) •Panther Pride •Pinnacle Award •Harvest Drive

Cub Program

Panther-Cub Mentoring Program enhances the student relationships among grade levels. Older students pair up with younger students in order to mentor and help them with various tasks.
Projects can take many forms. Here are just a few:
•Homework/class work help
•Reading/story time
•Eating lunch
•Playground time
•Special events/holidays