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Christ Character Community

Middle School

Parkway Christian School’s Middle School program strives to provide the highest level of education to ensure that each one of our students reaches their optimum potential. Our educators provide a plethora of learning experiences that go far beyond the textbook. These experiences include differentiated instruction, activities that appeal to all the multiple intelligences, and scenarios that will prepare them for real life situations. Parkway Christian’s philosophy is to guide and educate the “whole child”. Parkway uses a modified block schedule for the four core classes with two meeting every other day for an hour and twenty minutes and 45 minute classes for elective and non-core classes meeting every other day.

Elective class options include stage performance, broadcast journalism, home economics, art appreciation, and student government.  The electives have allowed many real world opportunities for students.  The stage performance students have produced several musicals and plays.  The broadcast journalism class writes articles, in addition to creating, editing and displaying weekly videos for MS chapel and producing live morning announcements via closed circuit television. Student government elects officers that implement many opportunities for school spirit such as a yearly dance, spirit week, and pep rallies that support our very successful sports program. Student government also promotes a spirit of philanthropy among our students by collecting money for research and awareness for organizations such as breast cancer month, Harvest Drive, and Muscular Dystrophy.  In art appreciation, the students are provided a background of many different art forms and are taught how to truly appreciate this creative medium. Students are then given artists and a project to create their own masterpieces.  Students have competed and placed in various art competitions in South Florida.  The home economics elective gives students the ability to problem solve adult tasks such as sewing a missing button, planting a garden, and researching recipes and nutritional information.  For the musically inclined students, there is a weekly band program that meets with students and provides them with opportunities to perform in and out of school.  Electives are meant to stretch and encourage students to explore their interests and to learn how to problem solve in different environments other than the typical classroom.

Parkway’s middle school offers many additional non-core classes. Physical education, theology, Spanish, and technology are required all three years.  These four classes are highlighted every year because of the emphasis Parkway puts on creating a physically and spiritually healthy, well rounded college bound student.  In sixth grade, the students also take life skills and public speaking.  Entering middle school is often a great adjustment to students and the emphasis in sixth grade is to encourage independence by allowing the students a chance to learn what type of learner they are and to understand how to advocate for themselves in and out of the classroom.  This has created a strong group of students who can organize and develop study plans for their individual needs.  The students leave sixth grade with a sense of who they are and of the skills needed to be successful throughout middle school and life.  In seventh grade, art and debate are offered. Debate is a continuation of public speaking; students build on their skills in presenting and researching information. The seventh grade non-core classes allow students to grow in areas they may not have experience in and it also gives them more of an opportunity to stretch their knowledge in new and exciting ways. In eighth grade, non-core classes include, research methods, high school prep (including a career development and an adolescence portion).  Eighth grade focuses on skills taught throughout middle school and advances the students to a place of readiness for a college preparatory high school experience.  Some of these skills include: specific instruction on standardized test taking strategies, rules for research and paper writing, and ways to handle the next step in their walk as young adults in a bigger more independent school environment.  Non-core classes offered at Parkway are enjoyable, yet completely vital to the success of our graduating classes.  

The core classes offered at Parkway are academically challenging to keep students steps ahead and ready for a college preparatory high school.  All core classes are assigned ebooks which are used to teach and assess our students in and out of the classroom.  Students are encouraged to apply the skills used in a real work format. Teachers often challenge students with projects that require students to apply the skills they have learned. At any given time, students can be found performing and debating history concepts, working on labs in science, applying math to real world scenarios, or creating presentations to fulfill the next step in learning and teaching. Students are encouraged to use technology to create lessons and to teach peers new concepts in fun, technologically savvy ways. The classrooms at Parkway show an evolution of learning by incorporating all that technology has to offer.  Students are exposed to smart boards, document cameras, as well as two computer labs, Mac and PC, along with a class set of iPads. Parkway Middle School students are able to work, share, and present on many forms of technological devices. Parkway offers a bring your own device option that allows students to take the next step in technology by going green, if desired, and at the same time supporting the transition with class sets of books for each subject.