Staff Directory

All Parkway Christian School teachers are dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. They show the love of Christ through their dedication and service to the children and their families. All classroom teachers are certified through the State of Florida. 

Main Office


Hours Of Operation


Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.

Deuteronomy 32:2


PCS Staff

Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Payne Kindergarten Prep Mrs. Marx Kindergarten Ms. DeSantis Kindergarten Mrs. Ferraro Kindergarten

Elementary Teachers

Mrs. Ames First Grade Ms. Stoudenmire First Grade Mrs. Moore Second Grade Mrs. Williams Second Grade Mrs. Hansen Third Grade
Mrs. Montoto Third Grade Mrs. Martinez Fourth Grade Mrs. Reppas Fourth Grade Mrs. Rivera Fourth Grade Mrs. Adrian Fifth Grade Mrs. Yester Fifth Grade

Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Alexander Mathematics H.S. Algebra I Mr. Bossman Theology Video Production IT Director Mrs. Gillis Language Arts Theology Mrs. Kircher Spanish Video Production Mrs. Martinez Science Mrs. Morris Language Arts Home Ec. Mrs. Shawn World History American History S.L.A.M Instructor

Office Personnel

Mrs. Blanco Admissions Cindy Remon Business Officer Mrs. Eshleman Office Staff Mrs. Kitsteiner Alumni and Scholarships Mrs. Mihoulides Office Staff Mrs. Natiello Office Staff Mrs. Ruoff Finance Office Mrs. Ryan Office Staff Mrs. Simms Human Resources Ingrid Bernard School Nurse

Specials Teachers

Maria Ansoategui Middle School & Elementary Art, KP-3 Spanish Kathryn Arena Preschool and Elementary Music Middle School Stage Performance Coach G. P.E. Cynthia LaMendola Media Specialist Alyssa Lavoro K-8th Technology Amy Lees Speech Therapist