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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
Our parent volunteers make Parkway Christian School great! There are many ways for parents and grandparents to get involved and help our school.

  • Classroom Volunteering (includes but not limited to: centers, field trips, parties, etc.)
  • School Store
  • Media Center
  • Parent Ambassador Program
  • Special Events (i.e. Boosterthon, Grandparents Day, How Down, Book Fair, Christmas Shop, etc.)
  • Lunch Room Volunteer - to volunteer click here http://vols.pt/ZP3Ukx

Volunteer System
All volunteers coming into the school to help must sign in at the front office and receive an official volunteer pass before working.  We do welcome and encourage classroom volunteering at the behest of the classroom teacher.  Teachers will require a limited number of volunteers for parties and special events and will try to use all parents who wish to participate. The number of classroom volunteers needed will be determined by the classroom teacher; therefore, we do not guarantee the amount of volunteer time that a parent may or may not have.  We ask that all families choose some capacity in which to volunteer.

Volunteer Alternatives
We know time is valuable.  Due to hectic work schedules, many of you are unable to donate hours of volunteering at the school, but you may find it easier to contribute money. We would like the opportunity to introduce the Campus Enhancement Fund to you.  Please ask someone in the administrative office for information.  All contributions are tax deductible and you may choose to specify how your check or donation is distributed.