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Terri Coolidge Scholarship

In Loving Memory of Terri Coolidge
The Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund


Terri Coolidge, the loving mother of Skip and Savannah, thought of Parkway Christian School as part of her family. Terri enjoyed the time she spent at the school and considered Parkway her family’s second home. The sudden loss of Terri last year was devastating news to our families. The healing process of Terri’s loss has only begun.

Through our healing, Parkway Christian School has created The Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is for current Parkway students’ families who have lost a parent. In addition to their terrible loss, these families may be faced with the unexpected financial responsibility of private school tuition on one parent’s income and may be looking at the possibility of additional loss by losing their home at Parkway just when they most need the love and support of their Parkway Family. This scholarship fund honors the memory of Terri Coolidge and her family. She was a kind, generous, and devoted mother committed to her children’s education.

As a close-knit community, we know there is always someone in need of a prayer, a hug, or a helping hand.  If you would like to contribute to the Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund, to help members of our Parkway community, you can do so by making an online donation or mailing your donation:


  • To make an online donation, please follow this link: Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund
  • You can also mail your donation to:  Parkway Christian Church, 1200 S. Flamingo Rd., Davie, FL  33325.  In the memo please write “Terri Coolidge Scholarship Fund.”  


Your gift goes directly to help students and their families in their time of need and loss. Your gift will allow families the financial security to keep their child(ren) at Parkway Christian School.


If you are a Parkway Christian School family that is facing this difficult time due to the death of a parent, you are not alone in our community; please reach out to us.