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Christ Character Community

Elementary School

Kindergarten Prep - Four Year Old Preschool Program

Our Kindergarten Prep Program has been designed to prepare students for entrance into our Kindergarten Program.  In this class, students are introduced to academics as well as opportunities for socialization, as they learn to function in a learning environment.

This class was specifically developed for the students which means that the classrooms are equipped with tables and chairs that are sized for them.  Also, the classroom has a fully equipped bathroom, storage closet, and a door that leads to an outside play area.  In an effort to maintain our technological edge, the classroom has a document camera and projector for class instruction and a white board for hands-on learning.

The teacher and assistants work with students to learn and grasp new skills, while working on fine motor skills needed for growth in future years.  Students are taught in an environment that allows them to explore and play as they learn, while putting emphasizing teaching personal responsibility.  The students participate in many different learning activities.  Throughout the day you will find these students interacting with others, working individually, participating in group activities, playing at recess and dancing in the classroom.  The classroom is equipped with differentiated centers that allow students the ability to read, to work with varied manipulatives, to be artistic, participate in imaginary and dramatic play, as well as to play with cars, trucks, and blocks. Students also sit down and complete written work, setting a foundation for future years of academic success.

KP students attend six "special" classes a week.  They eat lunch in the cafeteria with other classes.  The playground area has been specially created for the ongoing physical development of these students. The playground is situated under a covered  area, which is lined with mulch and is completely enclosed by chain-link fencing.  The play equipment itself has a rubber mat underneath to protect students.  It is free of hazards and provides a sand/water table.  This area allows students to exercise and develop large motor skills.



Kindergarten through 5th Grade

The elementary program at Parkway Christian School is a Christ centered program with accelerated academics.  The faculty of the school holds high expectations of the curriculum as well as, the success of the students.  Through keeping Christ in our program and the dedication of staff, we continue to excel year after year.

At Parkway, we strive to be a school of academic excellence.  Our goal is to meet and exceed our school standards.  Our students take the Iowa Basic Skills tests yearly and continue to excel at an average of one year above the national norms set by the test.

Each classroom is equipped with modern technology that helps promote various learning styles.  

The Elementary students participate in various “special” classes.  Students in K-5 participate in P.E., art, Spanish, music, science and media. The third through fifth grade classes are also enrolled in a technology program for 30 minutes each week.  Additionally, all elementary students spend at least 30 minutes in the computer lab each week with their teachers.

We balance 21st century learning with traditional academics we feel play an important role in a child’s education.  Students are taught cursive in second grade and are required to use cursive all through their middle school years.  They also begin typing skills in third grade and have a goal to graduate from Parkway in eighth grade typing a minimum of 45 words per minute.  Students are challenged with a vocabulary enrichment program in grades first through fifth. During math, students are taught critical thinking skills and are exposed to various ways to approach problems while still doing drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students are challenged to take their math and critical thinking skills further with Sunshine Math.   A love of reading is promoted school-wide.  Classroom teachers encourage students to take Accelerated Reading tests on books they have read in and out of class.  Rewards and incentives are given to students that participate in Accelerated Reading, Book It, Reading Across Broward and more, further creating a strong academic foundation with reading and comprehension proficiency. In all subjects, teachers continuously reinforce good study and organizational skills requiring assignments, projects and tests to be quality work full of critical thinking.